"This man redefines the phrase 'think outside the box'. We've seen so many beautiful SDEs around and all have the same flow...same concept...same feel. We thought we'll just showcase our personalities to make ours different...to make it our own. Then Sir Vince showed up and presented a wonderful idea that blew our mind. We were so blessed to have a creative and artfully inspired group of people to make our SDE one of a kind. They went above and beyond to make sure our guests will laugh...cry...and see our characters on video. Words can't express on how amazed we are on the job he did on our wedding. You can see his efforts when he bugs you for stuff...asks for stories and details. All these so he could capture your personalities on screen. He doesnt think outside the box...he creates a new one to make sure you stand out on your special day"

- James Diolanda, Groom

"Vincent Andres Films created our Same Day Edit as well as our Engagement Love Story Film. 

We were very particular on how we wanted our wedding video to look. We wanted to give it a classic and a very romantic feel. Vince did exactly that and more. We were incredibly happy on how our same day edit turned out, It moved a lot of people into tears and we received tons of compliments on how amazing it was. Vince was very easy to work with, he's punctual, a professional and has a very friendly demeanour. He's got a lot of experience in the industry and so many great ideas to share.

To be honest we weren't planning on getting a videographer at first but having experienced how fast our wedding day went, we are so glad we did. It is one of the best decision we've ever made for our wedding! We highly recommend Vincent Andres Films. 

Thank you Vince for creating such an epic SDE! Everyone loved it, a lot cried while watching it and it blew us away! We are so grateful to have found you, you made this wedding look like a fairytale!"

"There are a lot of crew members that work together to making you the most perfect wedding video. Depending on what style you like - which is discussed in one of your first appointments, they will commit to making a video in that style. I wanted mine to look like a movie, and it did! It was sweet, funny and dramatic all in one. 

They know how to get the best angles and create/put together a perfect same day edit, in record time. If you want the most talked about and liked wedding video/same day edit, i would definitely recommend going with Vincent Andres Films.

Vince is also always available by e-mail or phone at any time and responds extremely quickly for any questions or concerns you may have"

- Diana Brokalakis, Bride

"Without a doubt, I most definitely would recommend them! Vince is beyond amazing at what he does. He doesn't do films out of obligation but out of heart which is clearly seen in his work. His attentiveness to detail is pristine and his creativity is endless. He has great work ethics and is a breeze to work with. You name it, he'll take care of it! He surpassed my every request.


Mario and I along with our guests were blown away by the SDE he made for our wedding that 4 weeks later people are still talking about it (the crowd roared when the SDE was being played). We had numerous shares of the video because it was just THAT GOOD.


I look back today to all the details of our wedding and the one thing that always stands out is our personalized film - it brings back all the love but also all the friendships that were made in the process of making that One Day"

- Angela Umali Lazo, Bride

- Shiela Velasco Ramirez, Bride

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