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Approximately 4 minutes of cinematic film that summarizes all the events of the wedding day from preparation up until reception. (Click the image)

Highligh t Film Reel

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A concept based film which incorporates our couple's personalities. This pre-wedding film can be used as a "save-the-date" video or an "intro" video for reception dinner. (Click the image)

Engagement Film

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This short-form film is approximately 11- 20 minutes in length depending on the wedding. A “time-shift”* edited film that comprises of reception speeches and all other important events of the wedding day.​​ *Time Shift Editing is  a non-linear editing approach in storytelling and still make sense as a whole. (Click the image)

Fea ture Film

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A very popular pick by our clients that showcases their wedding day. It is one of the most awaited segment during a reception dinner. Also edited in a cinematic form that is approximately 4 minutes in length (Click the image)

Same Day Edi t

This is an added entertainment to a reception dinner where guests can enjoy watching an interview based film of our couple sharing their love story of how they met until their proposal story. (Click the image) 

Love S tory

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