Let there be light

Updated: May 15, 2019

Light can alter someone's look on film!

You want to look good on video? Sure you do… I am sure you did not spend hundreds of dollars on make up just to look like a "prom-gone-wrong-make-up” on your special day! Well guess what? You will look good…. If you follow our advices :)

As a professional, we have various tricks on how to make our bride and groom look great on video and that is through great lighting. Light is one important element that videographers consider when filming and producing a good quality wedding film.

Videographers are always at the bottom list when in comes to priorities. It’s so sad to say that nothing really is catered for us. Unlike for floral, photo, make up and etc… everything can be catered to their needs so they can deliver a good job. Moreover, we had to do a lot of workarounds just to make you look good on video. I hope to educate you on how you can help us help you look good on film.

Wedding Preparation:

  1. If you are going to get ready in a hotel, one thing that you might consider before booking is if there are a lot of natural light in the room. The bigger and the more windows you can have in a hotel room, the BETTER!

  2. If you are going to get ready in a residence, consider doing your prep time in a space where theres huge windows and a lot of space.

Although we have backup lights to light you up, we want to stay away from it because it doesn’t really look as cinematic as natural lighting! When you are doing to makeup, ask the makeup artist to set up her makeup station close to the window where there are tons of natural lights. One thing that disappoints me is that, sometimes there is so much space in a room and the makeup artist choose to have your make up done away from the window and uses those “yellowish hotel lights” or even your “dining room lights”. Trust me, it does not look flattering at all! This is your special day, so you have to look good in everything!

Here is an example: same bride, different locations, different lighting conditions.

Images source courtesy of Capture Cinematic Weddings by Ray Roman


  1. If you are having a garden wedding, great! Im down for that!

  2. If you have having a church wedding, always check how is the lighting conditions. If you feel like there is not much light coming inside the church, ask the church coordinator or priest’s permission for us to plugin and setup our lightings inside. Note: This is will be a bit of a challenge since some church and or cathedrals are very strict about plugging in lights.

  3. If you are getting married inside a banquet hall, its always a good idea to get the in-house lighting ( moving heads or mac ) that installed on their banquet hall’s ceiling. It will cost you a reasonable fee for the lighting but if you are already spending so much on the decor for your ceremony venue ( also the dress, make up and everything to fab you up ) then might as well get it lit up properly!


We have lighting that we carry with us every wedding. However based on our experiences, the in-house lighting works best on video. Look at the images below from our previous weddings and you can spot the difference.

( without moving head lights)

(with moving head lights)

When you are doing your first dance, always find the light! When your families are doing their speeches, always find the light. There are family members who loves to walk around while doing their speech, it’s always good to inform them ahead of time that if they wanted to look good on video, find the light!

Lighting can literally transform someone’s look! And for your wedding, we don’t want anything else but to make you look good on every single clip that you will appear! After all, you are the stars of the day! The stars that will LIGHT up the entire ballroom!

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