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Updated: May 15, 2019

Music evokes emotions and reflects your personality

An overlay track (or sometimes referred to as the soundtrack) can set the mood of a film. Therefore, is very important that you (with the guidance of VA films) should pick the appropriate tracks that will be used for either your wedding highlights or feature film. In addition, a song overlay will make or break a wedding film! OH NO!

During our meetings, we always try to educate you in selecting a song. We feel that the song that should be chosen for an overlay is something that is timeless. Something that will still sound good twenty years after your wedding and should sound pleasing when you try to watch and relive your wedding film!

I remember watching wedding films back in the 90’s where they used sound overlay from artists such as Enya, Kenny G, Celine Dion and the list goes on and on. You are probably laughing at the moment while reading this. Yes, those were the popular picks back in the day and yes it does sound good… well… back then… I can try to create a wedding film right now with those tracks and try to see if you can get a good overall feel of the film… maybe not! Your ears will probably bleed listening to it! I also vividly remember one time when we tried to watch our friend’s wedding film. She was screaming on top of her lungs.. begging us to stop watching the film because it sounded horrible… Well I bet it sounded good back in the days that is why she choose those tracks. lol

“So what songs should we choose?”

Upon our initial meetings, we always try to get to know our clients and not just talk about pricing and packages. From there, you probably won’t have any idea, but we are already getting a sense of what kind of personality you and your fiancé have. We try to pick a song that will best reflect your personalities! For instance, if you guys are jolly and playful as a couple, then an over dramatic cinematic track won’t fit your film. It will just look funny!

VA Films tends to lean towards cinematic (non-lyrical or instrumentals) and indie tracks. Cinematic doesn’t necessarily mean dramatic, it could be fun as well. We choose indie also because they are the tracks you probably won’t hear on the radio while driving down to work. That means, if its less popular, the chances of it becoming obsolete, outdated or whatever you want to call it, would be slim to none. Therefore, when you try to look back at your wedding film, it wouldn’t sound as bad!

( Above are some artists we use for our films- images are from music bed)

“But I want that mainstream song… that’s very dear to our hearts”

If it comes to a point where you feel so strong about a particular mainstream song (or pop songs that is often heard on the radio ) because it plays a very important role in your relationship during your dating days, then who am I to say no! We would probably suggest to pick a different version of that song or maybe a cover of it. The only drawback about this is, if your song is not available for micro-licensing ( in short we have to license this song ) then it would defintely NOT go online. This will only be for private viewing between your family and friends.

Here at VA Films we always comply to the right licensing procedure of a song. We have tons of resources online that we can get licensed songs. Yes! even some mainstream songs can be micro-licensed. But take note of the word “some”... not all mainstream songs are "licensed-ready". I remember trying to contact a record label company to get a license for a pop song because the client really… like realllyyyyyy loves this song and of course she wanted to share it online so her friends overseas can see it… and trust me it costs a fortune… my jaws dropped when I read the email from the company and asking me $25,000 USD to get it licensed… plus... not to mention there will be tons of paperwork! lol. I said to the client that, if they are willing to pay that much, then LETS DO IT! :)

We are always committed in trying to make our films look and sound good. We are not just shooting and editing a film. We are creating a work of art as well. Therefore, sound overlays are so important for us to create and set a mood that is appropriate on your wedding film. In most cases, when we try to educate our clients, they will just entrust us in picking the right songs for them.

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