Personalize Your Vows

Updated: May 15, 2019

Own your wedding film

Being in a multi-cultural country, we are lucky enough to witness different types of weddings. Catholic, Christian, Jewish, Coptic, Hindu, Islamic, Chinese and etc are just few types we have here in Canada.

But did you know that your wedding might be exactly the same as your friends wedding?!!! OH NO!!! For instance, a Catholic wedding will have a typical day which includes couple’s preparation, ceremony, photo/video creative shoot and reception. Therefore your Catholic wedding will be the same as another Catholic wedding in terms of what will happen that day!

Generally, a wedding story is basically two people getting married and partying at the end of the night. That is the wedding story!

We videographers love to make wedding film different from another wedding film. You might ask now the question “how?”

One way to make your wedding film more personalized and different from others is by composing a PERSONALIZED VOWS. This kind of vows enables you to look back and tell your partner how you started, became lovers and ended up marrying each other. Your love story is your love story and it will never be the same from another love story.

If culturally your wedding do not have vows on any of the ceremonies, we also suggest you to write a meaningful note to one another before your wedding ceremony take place. This note could be read during your wedding preparation.

We guarantee you that your wedding film will look good, sound good and everyone will enjoy your wedding film. Your family and friends will get carried away and might need tissue when watching your film :)

As much as we try to make your wedding film look different from another wedding film, a PERSONALIZED VOWS will help us become more creative and will also help us convey your love story well!

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