The inspiration in creating our films stems from our couples’ personalities and love story. Before their wedding day, we invest time and energy to know them as individuals and as a couple. We chat about life and love just like any ordinary friends would do on an afternoon coffee date.

Once we’ve learned more, we will have a vision on how to incorporate their unique love story into their personalized wedding day video. We believe that every wedding video should be tailor made to each couple as they all have different stories to tell.

Storytelling is a major component of our films—from how the couple met, which is sometimes retold during an exchange of vows; to when a bestman embarrasses the groom during the reception; or maybe the bridesmaids comforting the bride as she nervously prepares for the wedding. These spoken words are powerful, nostalgic, and resonant. Ultimately, we create an unparalleled video experience that permits the couple to relive their wedding day for the years to come

We capture all raw emotions seen during the wedding day and combine it with some creative directional footages that will bring our storytelling to life. Hence, our approach in filming a wedding is a well-balanced combination of documentation and directional. 

Vincent Andres Films passionately aims to take our clients for a rollercoaster ride when watching their wedding video. We want them to feel the same exact emotions they felt during their wedding day. We want to return them to the time they fell in love and relive the day they celebrated their love become one. 

Finally, we also strive to inspire, move and prove to our audience that love is beautiful by sharing our couple’s wedding video and their wonderful love story.

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