1. Do I really need videography for my wedding?

The answer is YES! Some couple think that wedding videography is just an added leisure expense only to regret that they should have gotten one after the fact. This is a very common "I should've" mistake a couple often commit. Wedding videography is equally as important as wedding photography.  The ability to hear the vows again or to hear the laughter between the Groom and the Groomsmen again or the see the tears flowing from the Maid of Honour during her speech again will bring those memories back to life. That is the magic of moving images.

2. What is a Full Day Service?

Vincent Andres Films do not have hourly cap on their services. Usually if we have a typical afternoon wedding timeline, videographers will arrive at 9:00 a.m. to shoot the preparations at both the bride and the groom’s location. Our wedding videographers will commence after they have captured a little bit of the open dance floor during reception. In most cases, it will turn out to be at least or a little over 12 hours of service rendered. This helps us capture more moments and gives us more material to use in producing our couple's wedding video.


3. How many videographers will be on site?

The standard number of wedding videographers for Vincent Andres Films is 4 shooters. If a client decides to have a Same Day Edit video, it would be a team of 5 wedding videographers. All wedding videographers are tasked on designated camera angles and roles during the day.


4. Can we book your studio just for the ceremony or for just 6 - 8 hours only?

Vincent Andres Films works on a per project basis versus hourly. Regardless if you were to book us 6, 8 or 10 hours, the wedding package pricing will still remain the same.

5. What is the difference between Highlights Film Reel and Same Day Edit?

It is exactly the same in terms of approximate length, content and how it is put together. The only difference between the two is the turn-around time. Same Day Edit video will be available to show towards the end of reception dinner and a Wedding Highlights Film Reel will be available approximately in 6 months time after the wedding day.


6. How long is the film going to be?

For us to produce an effective and compelling wedding film, we always get the best possible material from the wedding day shoot. It is important to know that the length stated here is just an approximation. We can only give an approximation, as contents we capture on the wedding day of will vary from weddings to weddings. As an example, we tend to get more content from weddings where vows are personally written rather than reading the traditional vows. With that being said, the more content we can get, the more likely the film will be lengthier than the other. Another great example is the length of speeches during the reception. The longer the speech, the more material to use and will contribute to the length of the wedding video. Once again, however, a longer film does not mean a good film. It is actually the content and how it is put together that makes a great film!


7. Why am I paying this much and only getting this much? (Feature Film VS Full Length Video)

Few clients may not be well aware about wedding video trends at the moment. Wedding videos are now leaning towards on a more "movie" like feel. Some clients will like the new cinematic approach but some still like the traditional way where it is an hour long. 


It is important our client understands that a longer film does not necessarily mean that it is a great film. Sometimes, it is actually the shorter ones that are more impactful. Most clients expect that if they are paying thousands of dollars on wedding videography, they deserve to get a longer film. They equate the amount of money they are paying to the length of the wedding video they will be receiving. In few cases it is, but not all.  As great example is the comparison between a Feature Film VS Full Length Video.


A Full Length Video, is very sequential, linear and considerably not hard to edit. It is also longer than a Feature Film. Usually it runs approximately for an hour in total depending on the type of wedding. However, there is not much editing technique used in this type of film. It is just basically selecting good shots, dragging the footages into the editing timeline in chronological manner, syncing all the audios and overlaying it with background music. 


A Feature Film on the other hand, is a more complex way of editing. It is a non-linear film that requires skills of storytelling in a manner that all clips flow together seamlessly. It also requires a very creative mind that can apply both the couple’s personalities and the editor’s artistic aesthetic. Thus, this type of edit takes a lot of time to finish but this is dramatically more concise and shorter comparing to the Full Length Video.


We always want our clients to realize the skills, talent, time and the content that is put on their wedding video rather than its length. We educate our clients to see the value in the quality of a wedding video versus the quantity of footage. Essentially, it is our vision to execute the wedding video in very professional and artistic manner that a couple is paying for and not necessarily how long the video is.


8. Can I change the Highlight Film Reel to a longer version?

Yes. Instead of Highlight Film Reel, a client can upgrade a Highlight Film Reel to a Feature Film Reel at an additional cost 


9. What are the turnaround time of the films?

Like most wedding photography and wedding videography studios, we need time to post process all the raw materials from the shoot. Here at Vincent Andres Films, we truly value the quality and we do not outsource our editing job to other studios. We make sure all our projects are edited personally to ensure our editing aesthetic. Thus, all the turnaround times here are an approximation and will vary depending on our level of clients.  Highlights and Feature Film will have the same turnaround time of approximately 6 months after the wedding day. 

On the other hand, Concept/ Engagement Film and Love story will be approximately 3 months time after the shoot. Therefore, shooting dates for these films must be planned ahead of time if these films were to be released or played on or before the wedding day.


10. Do you take rush-edit at an extra cost?

Quality is really our utmost priority and rushing a project will not give us the amount of time needed to produce an effective film. Therefore, we do not take rush-edit jobs.


11. How long are the Raw Footages?

Raw footages are various clips of the events. If we all add up the duration of each clip, we can look at an approximation of a little less than or a little over than an hour depending on what type of wedding is the event.

12. Do you shoot weddings outside the Greater Toronto Area?

Vincent Andres Films caters to the Greater Toronto Area and any nearby cities. Weddings outside the GTA are subject for a travel fee. Destination weddings such as outside the province or the country will have a customized package quote. 

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