We are a Toronto-based boutique studio specializing in videographic coverage for weddings and other memorable events. Our unique, cinematic-style films are one of the latest wedding trends that couples simply can't resist. Our artistic craft captures captivating and sentimental scenes—raw emotions that tell a story—stitched together like a short movie. We specialize in "time-shift" edits providing an element of surprise and embodying a perfect blend of emotion, art, passion and style.


The finest quality of our products can be demonstrated by our many accolades such as featured works on respected online and print magazines which includes Wedding Industry Experts, Today's Bride Canada, Elegant Wedding Magazine, Eventsource, Strictly Weddings & WedLuxe Magazine.

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At a very young age, Vincent already knew that he loved art. When he was in grade school, he had studied basic painting and sketching. He was also very active in theatre plays during his high school and college years and also learned what was going on behind its productions. Vincent is also inclined in visual arts which as a matter of fact, he solely designed this website and does his own graphic designing.


Never in his wildest dream that he wanted to do wedding videography. All he knew was, he has so much passion in arts. Vincent started as a video editor and when he realized that something  was missing on his edits, he decided to become a lead shooter as well. In this way, it is easier for him  to look for something in producing an effective film. This passion became his career now and he is enjoying every single moment of it.


Later on down the road, Vincent had decided to expand his knowledge in wedding filming where he attended workshops and trainings from  well known and award winning international wedding videographers which includes Ray Roman, Jason Magbanua and Michael Wong. All the technical and creative knowledge he had acquired during these trainings alongside with his experience and artistic point of view, made him become a better artist. 


Vincent considers his work as an art and not just a video. He makes sure that every film he produces will always stir the hearts of his audience. This is now a medium for him to express his creativity and he will continue to do so for as long as there are people who appreciates his work.

"Art is my ultimate passion and that is what I deliver to my clients. Capturing raw emotions that tells your story is what I enjoy the most and I can't wait for yours.."


-Vincent Andres,

Toronto Wedding Videographer



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